About the project

This 10,500 square foot museum is dedicated to interpreting the life and work of the Reverend Dr. Billy Graham and his ministry. Reverend Graham is presented in the context of a great historical lineage of evangelists in the Americas. Visitors encounter exhibits such as the quiet woodland scene which transforms, as they watch, into a tent meeting suffused with the sounds of preaching and congregational response; and the replica of an early movie theater which plays Movietone News clips of pioneering evangelist Billy Sunday. Later exhibits presenting Dr. Graham's Ministry utilize interactive AV stations to challenge and engage visitors. Immersive environments and theatrical presentations invite visitors to experience one of Dr. Graham's Crusade events. An exhibit atmosphere has been created that is infused with the reverence of worship and the vigor of evangelistic fervor.


  • Presentation of very rare & historic books and documents including the 1663 first bible printed in North America and Uncle Tom's Cabin
  • Animated fiber optic map tracing the travels of early circuit riders
  • Animated multi-media environments including a revival meeting, tent meeting and early movie theater
  • Cross of the Millennium display & meditative space
  • Interactive audio stations allowing visitors to hear well-known gospel singers
  • Multi-media setting allowing visitors to stand at Mr. Graham's pulpit in front of a Crusade audience
  • Interactive video stations allow visitors to see early Crusades and access a range of Crusade-related documents and information
  • Interactive audio stations present the testimonies of people whose lives have been transformed as a result of hearing the gospel preached by Billy Graham
  • Audio & video presentations of historic interviews with Billy Graham
  • "Challenge Rotunda," visitors are in an "encounter group" type setting surrounded by video monitors with people challenging them to examine their beliefs

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Billy Graham Evangelistic Association


Wheaton, Illinois


  • Planning
  • All phases of exhibition design
  • Design of chapel


  • Fabrication & Project Management:
    Lynch Exhibits


"I want to thank you for the excellent work you have done in the design for the museum. It has been receiving a wonderful response since it opened, and we are indebted to you for your considerable talent applied to this whole project."

Sterling Huston, D.D.
Director, North American Ministries
Billy Graham Evangelistic Association