About the project

Pickles and ketchup are only part of the Heinz story. Located in the Senator John Heinz Regional History Center, this permanent 3,000 square foot exhibit also examines the company’s clever marketing, innovative production, its impact on the people of Pittsburgh, and its place in the American home. Its story is told through the display of hundreds of historic products, ads, and posters, and supplemented with immersive environments that include a mom and pop grocery store, a diner counter, and a 19th century factory. Visitors are reminded of the company’s place in popular culture with presentations of its famous television and radio ads. Games and activities throughout the exhibits help young visitors understand production processes. In Heinz 57, the story of pickles and their manufacture is told with humor and is relished by visitors, both young and old.


  • Over-sized entry cutout figures
  • "Mom & Pop" grocery store with children's activities
  • Lunch counter environment with participatory activities such as creating product displays
  • Video presentation of famous Heinz TV ads
  • Period factory setting with visitor activities such as "Getting Pickles to Market" game

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The Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania


Senator John Heinz Regional History Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


  • Planning
  • All phases of exhibition design
  • Production supervision